Our company goal is to make business expansion available to the average business. Our concern for the struggling business is what drives our company.

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As we go into the new millennium, you as a business owner must recognize that times have changed. Look around you - count the businesses that are chains, and those that are not. Also notice which ones are the busiest. This will tell you what we mean. Competition is too keen for you to be complacent. You must be aggressive, decisive, and willing to grow in order to survive today. We are not saying you have to build a gigantic national company. Just think of the income that could be produced if you had 10, 25, 50 or more outlets doing exactly what you are doing - and pay YOU royalties for it!

Expansion is a necessary part of owning a business. Just as you provide necessities for your home, family and every other aspect of your life, you also must provide for your business growth. We speak and counsel hundred’s of business people each year and, surprisingly, the number that under estimate their business and do not have a vision for the future is staggering. Most fail to realize the very importance of increasing their business short term and long term.

By expansion, we primarily mean \"exposing your business to thousands of more customers\". The size to which your business actually gets is relative to this and is the motivating factor and PURPOSE of any expansion plan. With that in mind, you must realize the urgency of providing for growth. At least one of your competitors will! By us lowering the cost of business growth, it is foolish not to!

Quite frankly, if you are to succeed in business, you must be able to compete. With our methods, the cost of expansion is not a factor anymore. Today almost any business can expand through Franchising, Licensing, or Distributorships with very little cost. If you were going to invest a large amount, then hesitation would be due. However, when you can expand with just a few hundred dollars, then, why not? You are usually profitable with the first additional outlet.

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